Purchasing simplified.

                  With HP’s B2B portal, the purchasing experience is quick, easy, and tailored to your needs.

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                  You set the standards.

                  • Create your company-specific HP catalog with prices and terms.
                  • Define the IT standards with a consistent catalog.
                  • Filter search results to find exactly what you need.

                  You define the products.

                  • Create your own product bundles.
                  • Highlight favorite products.
                  • Access configured items instantly for easy research and re-ordering.

                  You manage globally.

                  • Standardize your global purchasing across 200+ countries, 10 languages, and 43 currencies.
                  • Research in one location and language, approve in another, and order in a third.
                  • Re-enforce worldwide IT standards with a consistent catalog and a pre-defined set of products.
                  Track, report, and re-order

                  You can easily track, report, and re-order.

                  • Monitor realtime status of all your orders and shipments in one place online, whether placed by phone, fax, or online—from confirmation to delivery—worldwide.
                  • Create custom reports from either standard templates or customized formats.
                  • Define your own criteria for email alerts and progress updates to you and your colleagues.
                  Integrate HP

                  And, you can integrate HP into your existing e-procurement system.

                  • Securely connect via Ariba, Oracle, SAP, or most any other e-procurement platform.
                  • Customize approval processes aligned with your procurement practices.
                  • HP supports industry-standard translation protocols including: cXML , xXML, xCBL , OCI, EDI (ANSi x.12 or EDIFACT), RosettaNet, CIF, CUP/PUP, OAG

                  The buzz

                  “HP delivers more of what enterprise customers demand - more efficiency, global availability and a better return on IT investment all on one site.”

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